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“We just had the pleasure of having Wycliffe Gordon spend a couple of days at our Crane Youth Music Summer Music Camp. Words do not do justice to the positive impact he had on our campers in the classroom and on the concert stage. He is both kind and truthful, and his ability to educate, entertain, and inspire is stunning.” –Tim Savage Crane Youth Music Jazz Ensemble Director

Wycliffe is one of the nation’s foremost music educators having held positions at Juilliard School of Music, Michigan State University and currently at Manhattan School of Music in the Jazz Arts Program. Gordon is regularly featured as guest faculty, teacher, clinician and conductor for All-State festivals, band clinics, the Louis Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp, the Int’l Trumpet Guild, the Int’l Trombone Festival and countless other high school and university programs and guest appearances.

Sing It First

Wycliffe’s unique approach is based on the premise that if you can sing something then you can play it or train yourself to play it. This book is geared toward trombonists, but the concept applies to all instrumentalists, wind, percussion, strings, etc. When you are able to sing rhythmically, melodically, and harmonically through a given exercise, etude, excerpt, or chord progression, this means you have “internalized” the music you are attempting to make and this is the best place to start.