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Jazz Shows

Live Jazz Orchestra with Silent Film by Oscar Micheaux

  • “Body and Soul” Screening of silent film with live accompaniment by an 18-piece big band ensemble.
  •  “Within Our Gates” Screening of silent film with live accompaniment by and 18-piece jazz orchestra.  For information click here.

Acclaimed jazz trombonist, composer, arranger and recording artist Wycliffe Gordon brings to life the spirit, background and historical significance of Oscar Micheaux’s 1920 silent film Within Our Gates. One of the most prolific and innovative African American filmmakers of the early 20th century, Micheaux created Within Our Gates in what is believed to be his response to D.W. Griffith’s 1915 silent film, “Birth of A Nation, ” which extolled the Ku Klux Klan.

Gordon captures the essence of Micheaux’s movie skillfully in stunning composition by re-imagining the past, present and future aspects of this fundamental work. His 78-minute original score imbues the refrains of early-to-modern jazz alongside work songs, hymns and classical motifs, which recur throughout the film and executed superbly by a live 18-piece jazz orchestra and vocalists. The composition draws from Gordon’s musical training in jazz, classical, gospel, blues, and church music and from Gordon’s depth as an artist both musically and culturally.

Gospel Shows

  • “In The Cross” Wycliffe Gordon Quintet and 12- piece choir
  • “Crescent City Gospel” Wycliffe Gordon Quintet with gospel quartet or soloist

Pops Orchestra Shows Solo and w/Jazz Quartet–charts provided with full score.

  • “Ali Suite: I Saw the Light”–Wycliffe pays homage to his favorite athlete Muhammad Ali
  • “Hello Pops”–orchestrated for full orchestra, Wycliffe brings his popular tribute to Louis Armstrong to concert halls nationwide.
  • “Jazz: from Blues to Ballads”
  • “The Gospel According to Jazz”
  • “Christmas Spectacular”