We have launched Wycliffe’s official online store! Coming soon will be lead sheets, big band charts and more. For now, we are featuring two unique items of Wycliffe merchandise, including his new book, Sing It First. This exciting book explains Wycliffe’s unique approach to trombone playing — Sing It First.


    Hello, i would be interested to buy “Sing It First – Wycliffe Gordon’s Unique Approach to Trombone Playing” on your website : Do you send it internationally (FRANCE) and how cost the ship ?
    Thank you for answer
    Jerome PEYRON

  • WycliffeGordon.com

    Jerome – yes, we can ship internationally. The shipping cost is $13.95. Hope this helps!

  • godfrey e mills

    I first heard you today in your recording of hot tunes of Louis A. on WGBO fm in Newark. As a long-time trombonist in my youth, I was floored by your fabulous technique unmatched by few I have known,e.g.,Bill Watrous. We have much in common. So I would like to get to know you. I look forward to hearing more of your music, also. Hey, nice website! Yours is the second I have visited, the other being of Dave Brubeck, one of my youth and an all-time favorite jazzman. Cudos!

  • TheDude

    Hi. Will that book be useful for trumpet players or is it very trombone focused?

    • april

      Hello. The book is great for any musician. A lot of the examples are notated for trombone, but the concepts and methods are perfect for anyone wanting to improve their improvisation skills.