Introducing the Wycliffe Gordon Model Hybrid mouthpiece. This new mouthpiece was designed with the trombonist in mind, who also wants to play trumpet. No more embouchure hassles of going back and forth to different rims. This mouthpiece solves all of those problems and is a true joy to play.

“I LOVE this mouthpiece!…its THE answer for the crossover musician.” -Wycliffe Gordon

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To purchase the Hybrid mouthpiece, please visit Chasons Music’s website.


  • Rhamarcus Lee

    Where can I purchase this mouthpiece?

    • admin

      Hi Rhamarcus. The mouthpiece will be available from Chasons Music soon. There should be a link on the gear page.

  • Steve Tirpak

    Hello Wycliffe,

    I’ve been a fan of your for many years. Long time ago we met at a summer jazz camp held in Princeton, NJ. I was playing trumpet back then but since then have switched to trombone. I’ve been on the road with a few artists (john legend, ll cool J) and now that I’m home I was hoping to get a lesson. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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